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Neil's Gift Guide

The Boy with a Bird in His Chest by Emme Lund - This book is an achingly tender story of self-discovery and self-definition, written by Portland author Emme Lund. It is a fundamentally queer tale that welcomes all readers to step in and be swept away by writing that is direct, poetic, and resonant. A must read.

Joyful: the Surprising Power of Ordinary Things to Create Extraordinary Happiness by Ingrid Fetell Lee - I've read this book three times, and it's done more than any guided meditation to ground me in the physical world of my body and my surroundings. Joyful is thoughtful, not prescriptive, and invites readers to make little delights a part of their every day experiences.

Nature Obscura: A City’s Hidden Natural World and The Naturalist at Home: Projects for Discovering the Hidden World Around Us, both by Kelly Brenner - I read Nature Obscura for the first time several years ago, and it was a delightful eye-opener to both the diversity of urban wildlife, and to the possibility of maintaining a nearness with nature, which I'd been missing since moving here from my rural hometown. The Naturalist at Home is a perfect follow-up, allowing you to put the inspiration you get from Nature Obscura into practice in real and interesting ways. It's a great pairing for avid hikers and urban walkers, for teens with an interest in the natural world, and for city dwellers seeking to support the habitats we share with other earthly creatures.

Visible Mending Kit - As a trans person, I believe clothes can be an important part of our lives, and that the joy we get from our favorite items is worth preserving. I love how so many of us are embracing the practice of visible mending, caring for our clothes while also acknowledging the life lived in them. This kit includes all the necessary items, ready for action whenever they're needed!

  • The Mending Directory: 50 Modern Stitch Patterns for Visible Repairs by Erin Eggenburg
  • Amirisu sashiko needles, thread, and sampler sheets
  • Darning egg
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