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Pom Pom Issue 47 - Winter 2023

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UPC: 977205201002347
Brand: Pom Pom

Winter 2023 - Issue 47 of Pom Pom Magazine

Pom Pom has always been a celebration of color in knit and crochet form and this issue is no different. Issue 47 explores that love of color with patterns featuring more subtle tonal differences within a single hue, or closely related ones, playing with depth, saturation, and brightness for maximum impact with minimum contrast.

This issue also contains an interview with Dana Williams-Johnson which centers around knitting and a winter-friendly recipe by Fi Churchman.

Featuring designs by: Sara Ottosson // Rebecca Clow // Alessandra Gropazzi // Alexandra Liang // Tetyana Vyazovska // Marie Régnier // Fiona Alice // Catie Robbins // Jesu Camus // Allison Lutes

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