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Knit 2 Socks in 1

by Safiyyah Talley

February 13th
Author Talk on Zoom with Safiyyah Talley
and Lori Patterson of Abstract Fiber

About Safiyyah Talley

Safiyyah Talley is a knitting instructor, designer, and podcaster also known as The Drunk Knitter. She hosts a podcast, True Crime & Knit, and is an unapologetic feminist and box wine enthusiast. 

You can check out more from Safiyyah on Instagram (@DrunkKnitter) and her website.

About Lori Patterson

Lori is the dyer behind Abstract Fiber. She’s been knitting since 1990 and spinning since 2013. She brings her love of Black history and teaching to everything she does. Lori finds spiritual sanctuary in the meditative nature of knitting, spinning and dying.

You can check out more from Lori on Instagram (@AbstractFiber) and her website.

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