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A St. Johns Yarn Shop

Updated: May 3, 2019

My knitting bestie has been begrudgingly (with love) referring to St. Johns as a "Yarn Desert" which I have semi-stolen/co-opted. While it may not be as serious as living in a food desert, for us yarn obsessed, it's been hard times up here at the tip of the peninsula. One positive is that we do get to go on mini-adventures to all the other great yarn stores around Portland and fill them with added bonus coffee, chocolate and food cart explorations. But, heck, we'd still do that even with a yarn store up here.

I've been wanting a yarn store to open here for years. Especially after the loss of the Naked Sheep. After bitching about it for months, I decided to just go out and try to make it happen. Lucky for me, I have an amazing friend in Christine, the owner of Two Rivers Bookstore. She has offered me a space in her store so I can finally bring yarn to the locals and anyone else who happens to find themselves in St. Johns.

So, here I am. Weird Sisters, A St. Johns Yarn Shop.

We'll be available for sale at Two Rivers Bookstore starting on June 1st, 2019

We will have a few different yarn brands, some basic needles and notions, knitting and fiber related books and a well lit, welcoming place to knit and crochet!

Thanks to all for your support so far and in the future,

- Fuchsia

Owner/Yarn Pusher of Weird Sisters

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