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The Time In-Between

Our LYS Day event was so much fun, I'm still running off the high of meeting everyone, getting to know you all and learning about your hopes and expectations for yarn in St. Johns. We sold out of Imperial Yarn's Denali in Dusk and the custom logo needle gauges by A Needle Runs Through It were a huge hit!

Now is the waiting phase, doing all the detailed background things that come with running a business. Way less sexy than holding events and making sales!


This Weekend in St. Johns

The St. Johns Bizarre is this weekend, May 11th from 10am-7pm. The Bizarre is an amazingly cool festival that runs every year in St. Johns on Parade day. It's basically the opening of festival season here. There's artist's booths, live music, beer and more.

It's a great time and I hope you all can come out to support the local artist's and businesses if you're in town.

Weird Sisters won't have a booth at the fair but there we will have yarns for sale at Two Rivers Bookstore. We'll also be releasing these St. Johns Bridge Stitch Markers just for the Bizarre day. They're so

cute and festive and made right here by the crazy talented Patricia Olsen of St. Johns Dyeworks!

Bridge Stitch Markers!

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